Apple Blossoms


After we sold our house that was located in the downtown area of our town, we rented for a couple of years before we were ready to buy again.  When we started the process of looking for houses, we came to look at this house just to get a sense of what was out there.  It was on the street where our first house was so we knew we liked the street, but the house was a little out of our budget.  We actually said to the kids when we went to look at it, “we are NOT buying this house, we are just looking.”  To be honest, because of that, we sort of flew through the house and really only took a cursory look at the backyard.  We put offers in on two others houses and we were outbid.  It was a really frustrating process.  Like all homebuyers, I would just keep looking at what was available everyday.  One morning, I started thinking about this house and thinking about if there was any way that we could make it work.  A couple of hours later my mom called me and said, “I have been thinking about that house on Cross Street, have you thought about putting in a low offer on that house?” It was so weird that we were both thinking about it because it wasn’t even in the mix.  The next day Sean and I put in an offer and to this day, I am surprised by the fact that it all worked out.  But like I said, when we looked at it, we looked so quickly that we didn’t even walk around the yard.  All that to say, one of the best surprises of this house was the apple and pear trees.  Sean and I had always talked about wanting fruit trees and the fact that the house had mature, healthy trees was such a happy surprise.  We have since added two more apple trees but it will be years before they bear fruit.  We have been mostly hands off with the trees since we moved in but this year we are hoping to learn more about caring for them and hopefully we will learn how to help them thrive.  xo