Catching Up



Not quite sure how we got to mid-January. I had the best intentions of blogging throughout the holidays but obviously I didn’t. I didn’t even do a year-in-review. ¬†Oh well, time to move forward. ūüôā I probably made more gifts this year than I have in years past but as a total rookie blogger, I didn’t take any good pictures of what I made. ¬†The two photos up top were taken with my phone at my Mom’s house after I had already gifted the items. It didn’t even occur to me to take the pictures until after so I snagged them back for a quick picture. ¬†So there is obviously zero photo-styling going on those shots. ¬†Haha. ¬†I made the Honey Cowl¬†for my sister Lonnie. ¬†I loved, loved, loved this pattern and knitting with Madeline Tosh DK. ¬†The tote is the Wool + Wax Tote¬†from Making:FAUNA. I made this for my sister-in-law Lori and I loved making this tote, too. ¬†I plan to make another one for myself. ¬†I really liked working with waxed canvas and how much structure it provided to the bag. ¬†We made a ton of soaps, orange oil and beeswax salves and apple cinnamon lip balm but I only got pictures of the soaps. ¬†We did two kinds of soap – a honey buttermilk cold process soap and a honey goat’s milk soap made with a soap base. ¬†I think both kinds came out great and I loved the molds that we found to fit with our honey and bee theme. Those adorable mugs were made by Ceara for her friends. ¬†She saw the idea on Pinterest (you use a gold Sharpie and letter stencils) and they came out so awesome. ¬†She filled them with some soaps and lip balms.

December seems like a million years ago now. ¬†We had a wonderful, relaxing holiday week together. ¬†It was so nice that we were all off from work and school. ¬†We went to the Vineyard for Christmas in Edgartown earlier in the month. ¬†It was freezing on the day of the parade. ¬†Last year it was so warm, we didn’t even wear jackets and this year, we could barely stand to walk around. But the parade is always so charming and the locals do such a good job making it a fun event.

2017 is off to a good but busy start. ¬†I am really committed to making the time to be creative this year and I am hoping to take on some new challenges and even a creative adventure. ¬†Last week, I won my first-ever Instagram giveaway – 10 gorgeous skeins of Brooklyn Tweed Arbor from Squam Art Workshops! ¬†I was ridiculously excited about it and a little dorky. ¬†The yarn is so soft and ¬†I can’t wait to make something with it but I need to finish a few projects first. I owe Sean a hat, though, so I may just have to cast on for that. He is not much for wool but this yarn is so soft, it may change his mind.

One of my challenges for the year is to learn to take better photos and hopefully, in turn, improve my blogging game. ¬†The two photos on the bottom were taken after the first “lesson” in an on-line photo course I signed up for. ¬†I have had a pretty decent DSLR camera for almost 10 years. ¬†However, I always take photos in auto-mode and I have never been able to take a photo in low light or actually capture a light bulb or a fire or anything of that nature. I have tried a million times. ¬†But after this lesson and getting out my manual and playing around for awhile – success!! That’s the only reason for posting that. Haha. The bottom one of the succulents was taken after playing around with aperture. ¬†So let’s hope that 2017 brings more photos like the bottom and less like the top. xo