Straddling the Seasons


We have our feet firmly planted in both summer and fall right now.  School started so it was definitely time for pumpkin, dark chocolate chip muffins and the garden is overflowing with butternut squash and gourds.  We even had two pumpkins that were ready to pick.  But we still have loads of green tomatoes and eggplant, zucchini and cantaloupe to harvest.  We are hoping that this warm weather continues throughout September like forecasters are predicting because we have a lot of tomatoes that need to ripen. 😉 We finally got around to building two of the raised beds that we had planned for this summer.  Next year, they will be built up a little higher and right now the plan is to add a few more for flowers and herbs.  In these two I planted kale, arugula, rainbow chard, parsnips, carrots and broccoli.  I love them.  It’s our first time doing a fall crop so we will see.  But we were happily surprised to see several rows of sprouts yesterday.  We also finally built the bunnies (Penny and S’mores) a little outside enclosure and they seem to be so happy to have more space.  It’s a little temporary right now as we will put in some sturdier fencing but it is doing the trick for the time being.

The girls are back to sports and activities so we will be tied locally for a while and anyone who knows me knows that I am just fine with that. We had a great summer and had a lot of fun but I am ready for some home time and ready to work on some inside house projects. There’s also lots of knitting going on and the girls and I have started to brainstorm some of our handmade Christmas gift ideas. xo


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