Dress No. 1 for Me


I made a dress – that I love.  Completely inspired by Soulemama, I made the 100 Acts of Sewing Dress No. 1 in the exact same fabric that she chose.  I even ordered it from the same store – Alewives in Maine.  I loved how the fabric came wrapped and with a little note.  I love that kind of customer service and know that I will be a repeat customer.  I love, love, love this fabric and have my wheels spinning on what else I can make with the leftover fabric. I am even contemplating buying more of it.  It’s so soft, with a great drape and the print is totally wearable.  I can’t tell you the number of times I have made something only to have it look really handmade (not in the good way).  This doesn’t and I have already gotten compliments on it, without someone asking me if I made it.  I did not add the pockets on this dress because I felt like the front patch pockets were a little too young for me.  I contemplated adding in side pockets like Amanda did but I was in a rush to get it finished for our recent trip to Pennsylvania.  It’s such a comfortable dress.  I have worn it in the yard, mini-golfing, to the fair and for a nine-hour car trip.  More of these will be made – maybe even with side pockets.  I just need to find another fabric I love so much.


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