It has been so hot.  The longest stretch of hot weather that I can remember,  though the news is saying that we are still far off from the record in 2010.  Teagan was three that summer though so I’m sure the days were just blending into one another.  I can’t remember it.  But I love this weather. Sean and I are the exact opposite. I’m in an office most days of the week and I can’t wait to get outside, out of the A/C.  He’s outside all day and can’t wait to get inside and out of the sun.

This weekend Sean brought home two chairs and a little table for me for the deck.  They still need to be painted but they are perfect for the spot and exactly what I was looking for. I hung out there as much as possible this weekend, and am already envisioning sitting there with a blanket, knitting in the fall.

Above is the two-color brioche cowl from Purl Soho.  I bought the yarn for this cowl when they first posted the project a few five (I just checked. eek!) years ago.  Last week, I finally decided to cast-on and holy cow, I just could not get the hang of this.  I easily frogged this and started over 15 times.  It was driving me crazy.  Finally, yesterday something clicked and I found the rhythm.  Now I don’t want to put it down.  Very happy that we have a couple of road trips coming up.  Hoping to finish this and my Ramona sweater — another project that I bought the yarn for a REALLY long time ago. xo

P.S.  Baby watermelon!


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