In the Yard and At the Field


Nearly one month into the summer and it’s almost impossible to remember coats and the fact that we have stretches where it is dark from 4:30 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.  We have had such amazing weather lately that has made both walking through the yard and sitting in the bleachers such a delight. I never want to be inside. It has been a joy to watch Sean coach Ceara’s summer softball team this year and to see what a good time these girls have had playing.  Win or lose, their bench is filled with laughter and ridiculous jokes and we have all had a great time – even Teegy who happily plays with a sister of one of Ceara’s team mates on any playground they can find.

The garden is in full bloom and all around the yard, we have been finding little surprises: a random, tiny blueberry bush with one ripe blueberry; wild blackberries on the verge of ripening; bright white mushrooms (I think) popping up through the leaves on the edge of the back woods and a gorgeous, pink hydrangea blooming in the woods along our driveway.  Wish it didn’t have to go by so fast. xo


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