Into July


I finished up the skirts for me and Ceara.  Ceara’s looks adorable on her.  I wish I got a picture of her in it last weekend.  I decided to use the Everyday Skirt pattern from Oliver + S.  I love their patterns.  They are so detailed and anytime I have made something from one of their patterns, it has come out exactly as expected.  Also, the best part about these skirts?  Pockets!  Very excited to start off the summer with a skirt like this.  I will definitely be making more (and a new skirt for Teegy).

Our window boxes are all ready for the 4th of July.  I had a couple of flowers that didn’t do so well in the shade; so yesterday, I traded a few out for some shade-loving varieties and I’m hoping they will be blooming like crazy in a couple of weeks. Our front yard doesn’t get much afternoon sun, unfortunately, but I have a tough time sticking with part shade and full shade flowers.  They just aren’t as much fun.  Hoping this new mix works.

The garden is officially in full swing.  We should have cukes to harvest early next week, there are a bunch of baby butternut squash and the cherry peppers are starting to pop.  As usual, we have so much mint.  I just got my new issue of Taproot magazine in the mail and there is an article in it about making infused oils from herbs.  I’m going to try the technique next week to see if we can make oil for the peppermint bath bombs we make. Not sure if an infusion will be strong enough but it’s worth a try since we have so much.


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