Busy Bees

June 2016 download 691

We checked on the bees this weekend and were happy to find the Queen in both hives.  A few weeks ago, we had a swarm from the pink hive, which did so well this winter that they simply did not have enough room in there.  We re-homed the swarm in this new mint green hive (color chosen by Ceara) and after a little over a week we saw eggs.  We patiently waited for nature to take its course in the pink hive and were so happy to find the new Queen as well as eggs and larvae when we did our inspection on Sunday.

June 2016 download 677June 2016 download 679

You can see the Queen nestled in between the frame and the comb in the photo above.

June 2016 download 676June 2016 download 656June 2016 download 665June 2016 download 663

I’m obsessed with how beautiful this frame of pollen is.  These colors are just gorgeous.

June 2016 download 674June 2016 download 684

We may have waited a little too long to add a new super to the new hive.  When we opened it up, we found this crazy comb built out between the sugar feeders that we had in an empty super on top.

June 2016 download 631

This is a photo of the swarm from a few weeks ago.  They basically left the hive and hung out on a tree about 20 feet away.  It was complete luck that I saw it.  I went out to check on the hives and happened to look around and see it there.  We set up a new hive with a super we were lucky enough to get quickly from a friend.  Then we gently brushed the swarm into a cardboard box with a bee brush.  We assumed that they were clustered around the Queen and that if we could get her in there, they would all follow.  You can see in the picture below that they are marching right in the box.  After they were all in, we shook them into the super and stocked them up with sugar water.  We now have two thriving hives. Fingers crossed they both stay strong. xo

June 2016 download 637June 2016 download 641June 2016 download 643


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