butternuth & chen and chicks 2purple flowerspotatoes

This is our third house (our second house on Cross Street) and while we still have a lot to do, I love being at home and I love wandering around our backyard.  The yard is definitely what sold us on this house and in fact, the reason we wanted to come back to Cross Street. When I get home for work, I am so happy when it is light out so that I can go check on the bees and see how everything is growing – both the things we planted in the garden and the things that were planted by the owners before us.

The raised beds aren’t done yet but I did get some work done in the main garden and it is looking better.  We now have butternut squash, pumpkins, gourds, cucumbers, cantaloupe, watermelon and some of the tomatoes planted.  I also did a ton of weeding and as I ripping out weeds in the potato beds I found potatoes growing!  Guess we missed a couple last year.  So I mounded the plants I found and gave them some water. Fingers crossed. xo


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