Throwback Crafting

ribbon barettes

For more years than I can remember, I have wanted a place to journal the projects that I do and that we do as a family at our house on Cross Street.  Since blogs seem to being falling by the wayside, it seems like the perfect time to jump in. 🙂 Because this will really be a journal, it will likely be a mix of the things that bring us joy.  Everything from gardening to knitting to beekeeping and homemade bath products.

As a young girl in the 80s, I loved making the ribbon barrettes you see above.  I usually only made two color ones.  I resurrected the idea for my Brownie troop’s bridging ceremony but used rainbow colors to symbolize the rainbow bridge used in Girl Scouts. They were a hit but maybe more for the moms.  The key with these barrettes is to make sure that you cut your lengths of ribbon long enough and that you keep pushing the braid up – especially at the beginning.  This is a good tutorial.    xo



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